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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and the women merely players.”

William Shakespeare

Just as a good play needs a good story that captivates the viewer, a military interaction requires planning and adaptation. As on stage, the solution of multi-dimensional challenges is accomplished in several acts. The focus of the considerations has been chosen independently of the distinction between operational and tactical levels. Although most of the reference documents tend to focus on operational and strategic planning levels, the planning portion of this chapter is aimed more at staff members who are interested in the influence of their contributions to these levels.

Assessments and situation analysis are the basis of good planning and further operations. An actor has to put himself in all facets of his portrayed character.
A CIMIC staff member makes the deduction and conclusion by identifying and analysing all key elements of the PMESII (TE) domains. Once the information has been evaluated and products developed; these products will contribute to the decision making process.

Only the interaction of all actors results in a well-sounding symphony.