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Welcome to the CIMIC Handbook

Dear readers and users of the CIMIC Handbook,

After four editions of the "CIMIC Field Handbook" as a complete compendium available printed and as a pdf-download the CIMIC COE is proud to present you the new "CIMIC Handbook"  in the form of the online solution you have in front of you right now.

The CIMIC Handbook offers you the opportunity to access it through your computer as well as portable devices like tablets and smart phones.

It is designed modularly and with its print function you can save relevant parts as PDF-files for off-line use or print them as a hard-copy. The search function will enable you to find key words easily. Under Chapter VIII Annex (Downloads) you have direct access to key reference documents as well as formats and templates that you may use in your daily CIMIC work.

The CIMIC Handbook is designed to be a living document adapting to changes of doctrine and CIMIC guidelines, incorporate best practice  and lessons learned as timely as possible.

In order to improve continuously the CIMIC Handbook we welcome your contributions and comments. If you have constructive recommendations for improvements, if you like to share your best practice or if you have developed new formats or templates helpful for others, do not hesitate to inform us through the "contact" form.

The current content of the CIMIC Handbook is still valid, abbreviations and definitions have been updated. You can still work with it and we are still working with it, however, in the light of continuous dynamics in the Security Environment and related changes in NATO's policy-, doctrine- and publication landscape the whole document needs a holistic review.

Last updates: 11-02-2020
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